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Red Mountain Scientific provides the data you need, in the way you want it, to most effectively manage your wind turbine or cell tower assets. Unlike other drone inspection companies, we see the drone simply as an advanced, aerial sensing device. Don’t get us wrong, we use best in class commercial drones for drone inspections and leverage our own custom software to fly consistent, systematic autonomous missions. However, what makes us different is our commitment to the data. We utilize the power of cloud computing and our propriety AI software to analyze your data to provide concise reporting and analytics that allow you to act proactively. Because we are experts in the power of data, we can help you use it to transform your business


Regardless if you work with wind turbines or cell towers, it takes hours for someone to rack up and climb and/or conduct the tedious groundwork to perform a proper inspection. Which means you have to make significant trade-offs about what gets inspected.

(Further complicating things, long inspection times mean you’re always working around the weather. And as we all know, high tower work is also inherently dangerous.)

We Work. Hard.

Because typical inspection methods can only access a portion of your total structure, you end up with incomplete, inaccurate, and often, incorrect information.

(On top of that, manual inspections are subjective, every climber is different. This variation makes it impossible to systematically replicate inspections, perform trend analysis, or make critical management decisions.)

Wind Turbine Inspection

We deliver a superior level of dependability and performance of wind turbine inspections by utilizing best in class commercial drones, our own custom-built flight management software, on-board collision detection and avoidance technology to enable fully autonomous drone missions that capture images of blades at close range and 20 MP resolution. Missions are completed in minutes enabling the inspection of multiple towers in a day with little down time.

Cell Tower Inspection

We deliver a superior level of tower dependability and performance by utilizing best in class commercial drones for the cell tower inspection process instead of manual climbing techniques. Our custom-built software combined with on-board collision detection and avoidance technology enables fully autonomous drone missions to capture tower images at all heights and configurations at close range and 20 MP resolution. Missions are completed in minutes enabling the inspection of multiple towers in a day with less risk to human life.

Our Team

We Know AI


Mike Moses


Reveal When Ready

Mike is a passionate and dedicated business professional skilled in management of people and technology. He excels at building high performance, entrepreneurial teams by creating a dynamic work culture, healthy lifestyle environment, and placing top focus on personal and professional development.

Mike’s founding principle for Red Mountain Scientific is to inspire people to think creatively and seek innovative solutions to business and technological challenges. The company’s core mission is to create an organization driven by continuous learning and scientific discovery. To be a place where individuals thrive and enjoy working with others.

Mike was formerly with SSG, a software consultancy based in Dallas, TX, where he held key management roles directing business strategy, client engagement, and employee development. Before SSG, Mike was a Systems Engineer for eMED Technologies, a provider of radiology management systems used for the digital capture, storage, and analysis of medical image data. Mike is also a former Research Ecologist for the U.S. Department of the Interior and holds BS in Engineering and MS in Ecology from Texas A&M University.

Sam McGuire

Business Development Manager


Sam’s professional experience spans multiple industries both in Colorado and abroad. Sam received his degree in Corporate Finance from Colorado State University and has spent the majority of his career managing technical operations for early stage, software startups.

After returning home following a year in New Zealand, Sam and his brother traveled the country inspecting cell phone towers for one of the world’s largest tower ownership groups. Joining Red Mountain was an exciting opportunity to help bring new and innovative technologies to the industry.

When he’s not working, you’ll find Sam playing in the great outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, biking, camping, climbing, or just slinging a hammock, his making the most of his time outside.

Erickson Winter


Ready Go

Erickson started in neural networks during his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wyoming. His thesis explored a novel approach to image recognition and the opportunity to be implemented in VLSI. Over the last 20 years, Erickson has focused on solving highly technical problems in hardware, software development and databases. Each challenge is balanced with an engineering approach, constantly in search of the most elegant solution to the presented problem.

In addition to daily problem solving, over the last year Erickson has also rekindled his relationship with neural networks and AI as a new era of Machine Learning emerges.


Data Scientist

Mind. Blown!

Aaron is a Software Engineer focused on Robotics and Deep Learning. He enjoys working on Robotics systems that utilize Artificial Intelligence and Sensor Fusion. Whether it’s a Self Driving Car or Aerial Vehicle Aaron loves integrating Computer Vision and Deep Learning to create intelligent systems that solve real world problems. Aaron continues to study Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Robotics in the Udacity and nvidia Deep Learning Institute Nanodegree programs.



Pilot In Command


Matt is the team's Pilot in Command, commanding the skies and the drones from just a remote on the ground. With being Red Mountain Scientific’s newest and youngest member, he’s looking to learn from the great expertise and great talent around him.

In his free time, Matt likes to listen to music without a care in the world while taking a leisurely bike ride around town. In addition, he loves to sit down with a group of friends and play a few board games or meet up with his weekly D&D group.


Serverless Architect

Next Gen

Mikey brings more Electrical Engineering and Advanced Programming skills to RMS! Also, his passion for snowboarding has led to hobbyist app making and even patents! His knowledge hits a spectrum of expertise from app development -iOS/Android-, *NIX administration, various application languages and embedded hardware experience.

Graduating from Colorado State University with 2 degrees: Masters in Electrical Engineering and a Focus on Digital Signal Processing. Also, a Bachelors degree in Physics.

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TR-14 Drones Ad Hoc

Proposed at October TR-14 conference, the goal: Get industry stakeholders into the same room to discuss the technology and opportunities. The roster is over 50 participants, including All major carriers, ATC, Crown, SBA, over a dozen engineering firms, Technologists, and UAS operators.

Phase One: November & December to identify objectives and use cases
Phase Two: TIA/ANSI 222-H Annex J

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Red Mountain Has A Portal!

Walking out, the sage brush quietly hushes in the wind. A drone sizes up the tower and using a custom flight path application, obtains valuable information about the structure: is there damage? what devices are latched on? or, did the last team complete their work? The ability to acquire information from a drone is quickly gaining utility in industry, and now Red Mountain is reinventing how people interact with that data; recreating the drone's vision of the structure, visually and by leveraging valuable metadata like gps coordinates or camera settings.

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Red Mountain Scientific Aligned with the Telecommunications Industry

At Red Mountain Scientific, we put a lot of time and thought into the industries we pursue for our drone inspection services. The area we are most excited about, and choose to focus on, is a sector we call High Infrastructure.

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Red Mountain Scientific Named 3rd in LaunchNo.CO Pitch Competition

Fort Collins, CO — Red Mountain Scientific participated in the recent LaunchNo.CO’s PitchNo.CO pitch competition and finished in third place. LaunchNo.CO is a nonprofit dedicated to advancing and supporting entrepreneurship and small business in Northern Colorado. The event was held in conjunction with Fort Collins Startup Week.

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